Weight Loss Shakes Vs. Meal Replacement Shakes – Is There A Difference?


You want to lose weight, and you’ve heard that a meal replacement shake is the way to go.

You’ve learned that you don’t get hungry, that people have had a lot of success with it, and that it has all the vitamins and minerals your body needs to stay healthy.

When you look on the internet, you see adverts for protein shakes. People striking ridiculous poses stretch out their arms and flex their biceps.

You feel confused. Is this the type of product you should be using? You don’t want to look like a bodybuilder, but you do want to lose weight and remain healthy while you do so.

Is a meal replacement shake the same as a protein shake? How do you know you will be getting all the vitamins you need while you lose weight? Which product should you buy?

Weight Loss Shakes For Weight Loss

Weight loss shakes are different to protein shakes for the following reasons:

  • Weight loss shakes are meal replacements. While protein shakes are drunk after exercise as a supplement, a meal replacement is consumed once or twice a day instead of food.
  • A weight loss shake helps you to lose weight, while a protein shake helps you to build muscle.
  • A weight loss shake will work for you even if you’re not exercising.
  • A weight loss shake does contain some protein, but not to such high quantity as a protein shake.
  • A weight loss shake has multivitamins to keep you healthy while you lose weight.
  • A meal replacement shake is more filling because it has higher calories than a protein shake so that your body still gets the nourishment it needs.
  • A meal replacement shake helps you to lose weight by reducing the calories you absorb while ensuring that you don’t feel hungry or deprived.

Making Weight Loss Obtainable: The Benefits Of Weight Loss Shakes

Weight loss shakes help you to get the nourishment you need while losing weight. While on a diet, many people skip meals or choose foods which leave them feeling deprived and hungry.

This can leave them feeling unmotivated or unsatisfied, and therefore reluctant to carry on with a diet or weight loss plan.

A weight loss shake helps you to get the nourishment you need without an elaborate cooking plan, the need to weigh food or measure calories, and it ensures you get all the vitamins and minerals you need.

The feeling of being satisfied means that you’re more likely to carry through with your weight loss program.

Healthy Variety: How To Make The Most Of Weight Loss Shakes

Use weight loss shakes when you would be tempted to skip meals, or indulge in junk food.

Use different flavors so that you add variety to your diet.

Make sure your regular meals contain lots of fruits and vegetables, to make the most of your weight loss plan.

When choosing a product, make sure you can mix it with water, milk or juice, to increase your options.

Choose a product with multivitamins to ensure your body gets a healthy boost in energy during the day.

Top Rated Weight Loss Shakes:

  • 18 Shake was rated a top weight loss shake because it helps to combat hunger. This means the ability to lose weight or diet without feeling deprived and hungry! Also, it’s low in sugar and tastes good.
  • Yoli Essential Shake has minimal processing, contains natural ingredients, and is hormone free.
  • Beachbody’s Shakeology is high in antioxidants and helps to create a healthy digestive system. This shake also helps with fat burning.
  • Orgain is soy free, gluten free, non-GMO, and has no artificial ingredients. They offer a choice between whey based products and vegan options. Their shakes are high in protein.
  • The Lean Shake helps to reduce cravings while on a diet. It’s high in vitamins and minerals. Exercise and a healthy diet are an essential addition to using this shake.

Ideal Shape helps to curb cravings, which assists with weight loss. No more mid-afternoon dreams of chocolate cake!

Vega is a plant-based product which comes in exotic flavors such as chai, berry or coconut almond. Ideal for days when even just the thought of having another vanilla shake makes you gag!

Go For A Variety

Like all things in life, variety helps to ensure you get the maximum benefit from using meal replacement shakes.

Where one shake may offer a high vitamin content, another may provide flavor or hunger busting properties.

Using a variety of products while on a diet will help you to establish which one meets your needs at different times.

Perhaps the morning rush, when you need to boost your body with vitamins or minerals for the day ahead, means that one shake feels more satisfying.

The hunger busting properties of another might mean that mid-afternoon cravings for that decadent slice of chocolate pie will become a thing of the past.

Don’t be afraid to experiment. There are no one-size-fits-all options, and finding out what works for you might ensure that your weight loss program becomes enjoyable.

The very worst thing you can do, after all, is feel so deprived and unhappy with your diet that you throw your hands in the air and rush out for the most enormous tub of ice cream you can find.

Tips To Make Your Weight Loss Shake More Enjoyable:

Berries add taste, fiber, and lots of vitamins

Using yogurt instead of milk helps you feel full for longer, adds probiotics, and gives a tangy flavor to your shake

Milk adds calcium and vitamins

Using crushed ice gives you a frappe type drink

Banana adds a creamy texture along with a vitamin boost

Cinnamon gives you a rich, sweet flavor at a time when you’re reducing (and craving) sugar in your diet

Weight loss shakes mean that dieting, working towards a better body and a healthier new you comes without deprivation, the inconvenience of trying to establish a new eating plan or skipped meals.

Shakes come in multiple flavors and options, which means you can find out what works best for you.

Adding your personal touch to your meal replacement shake means bringing in the flavor characteristics and textures you love, ensuring that you stay full and well-satisfied throughout the day.