IdealLean Review

Women everywhere have finally found a way to reach those elusive weight-loss goals.

Announcing IdealLean by IdealFit, revolutionary new additions to weight loss products by the ever-popular IdealShape.

It’s making such an impact on the Weight Loss industry that its competitors are running scared. What is the X-factor of this fantastic new product?

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What Is IdealFit?

Made by the team at IdealShape and formulated by accomplished experts like Certified Sports Nutritionist, Trainer, and National Figure Competitor Lindsey Matthews, IdealLean is a group of efficient fat burners, BCAAs, protein shakes and pre-workout shakes sold on the IdealFit website.

Targeting female metabolism, they’ve made a difference to the lives of women everywhere.

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Different Ideal Lean Products

1. IdealLean Protein

IdealLean is an optimally formulated protein pack that maximizes muscle building and helps women sculpt a lean, toned physique.

It provides the body with nutrients that repair the little tears in the muscles that appear after every workout.

How Does IdealLean Protein Work?

Made of 100% Whey Isolate, a by-product of cheese, this nutrient-packed drink has a whopping 20g of protein.

There are no fats, carbs or sugars at all. This drink tickles the tastebuds and has a creamy, smooth texture.

Why IdealLean Protein?

IdealLean Protein

This astounding product builds lean muscle but doesn’t bulk you up. As an active woman, you need protein.

Without it, you’ll gain weight and lose muscle.

Ideal Lean Protein uses 100% Whey Isolate that doesn’t contain unwanted carbohydrates or fats.

It’s the purest form of protein available and has the folic acid needed to prevent hair loss and calcium to prevent osteoporosis.

Calcium also prevents blood clotting and assists nerve transmission.

Your body needs to recover after a workout.

This foolproof formula hastens post-workout recovery.

It passes through the gut easily and has the amino acids needed to repair muscle tears. IdeaLean is completely safe.

You can take it if you’re lactose intolerant. Many supplements irritate the gut because they don’t use pure whey protein.

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  • Taste
  • Effectiveness
  • Recovery
  • Value for money

2. IdealLean BCAAs

Are you looking to shed that annoying body fat that never seems to go away no matter how hard you try to work it off?

Nutrient-packed IdealLean BCAAs are the magic formula you must take to kiss it goodbye.

How Do They Work?

IdealLean BCAAs are a must-have product for you if you’re looking to shape up and lose body fat.
It’s a winning fat-loss blend that will help you stay trim and fit. Coconut water powder keeps you hydrated.

It’s a winning fat-loss blend that will help you stay trim and fit. Coconut water powder keeps you hydrated.

Benefits of Ideal Lean BCAAs

IdealLean BCAAs

This powerful weight loss formula will make a new you. This product’s top draw is that it contains no fats, sugar or carbs. It prompts a fast recovery after a hard workout.

Coconut water powder ensures that you never lose water as you exercise AND it comes with a whopping 5000 mg quality BCAAs.

This standout drink targets female metabolism and helps a woman maximize weight loss. It rises above other BCAAs because it targets the female body.

Ingredients like Green Tea Extract and Tonalin improve hydration and remove the antioxidants that lead to weight gain.

Read any IdealFit review, and you’ll come across many satisfied users saying that IdealLean will help you recover faster than Speedy Gonzales says ‘Aye Caramba’!

Amino acids like L-Citrulline and L-Glutamine speed up the healing of muscle tears. They build up the muscle tissue that disintegrates during exercise.

If you worry about your muscles turning into flab as you diet, fear not.

IdealLean BCAAs are so potent that they’ll maintain your lean muscle mass, even as you diet.

Your metabolic rate will stay healthy. Vitamin B and Phosphatidylserine boost your mood, while Tryptophan gives you the perception that you’re getting the best workout ever.

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3. IdealLean Pre-Workout Shakes

The revolutionary IdealLean Pre-Workout gives women the motivation they need to exercise.

If you find working out a painful drag, this potent drink is the booster you must make a part of your daily plan. It’ll push you to scale greater fitness heights.

How Does It Work?

This unique blend of ingredients includes Green Tea Extract, the Proprietary IdealFit Fat Loss Blend and other compounds that improve circulation and oxygen flow.

This power-packed drink fights lactic acid build-up as well. Astoundingly, it does all this without calories, sugar or fat.

It boosts your exercise experience and comes in many tasty flavors.

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Why Choose IdealLean Pre-Workout?

Unlike other pre-workout formulas, Ideal Lean caters to the female physique.

It’s the only workout supplement tailored for the female body.

IdealLean is a quick solution for busy women.

It works fast, helping you balance daily stress with your exercise routine needs.

It supports both the mental and physical aspects of your training, stabilizing mood and focus.

This pre-workout formula will satisfy your nutritional needs when your schedule is tight.

Learn More About Ideal Lean Pre-Workout Shakes Here

How To Use IdealLean

The beauty of these products lies in how versatile they are.

You can mix them with a variety of fruits and vegetables that make powerfully nutritious, yet slurp-friendly beverages.

1. IdealLean Protein

Any IdealFit review will show you that IdealLean Protein, mixed with berries and oatmeal, makes a hugely satisfying meal.

This formula will help you break energy barriers and build a body that your friends will envy.

Mix two scoops of it with your favorite fruits to make a healthy version of a McDonald’s milkshake!

You can use IdealLean protein to make cakes that will make Martha Stewart sit up and take notice!

This chocolate cake recipe will maintain your slender form, yet tease your taste buds. See what this winning formula can do for you!

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Ideal Lean Chocolate Pie Recipe

1 cup plain non-fat Greek Yogurt
Sugar-free chocolate syrup
1 scoop chocolate IdealLean
A quarter cup of honey
Chocolate Graham Crackers
8 teaspoons Coconut oil


Place the Graham Crackers in a food processor.
Add coconut oil and process until fine breadcrumbs.
Line a pie tin with the breadcrumbs and bake until firm.
Combine the Greek Yogurt, honey and Chocolate IdealLean in a bowl.
Once the Chocolate IdealLean mixture becomes silky smooth, pour it into the pie crust and drizzle it with the sugar-free chocolate syrup.
Refrigerate until firm, then enjoy!

2. IdealLean BCAAs

Potent IdealLean BCAAs increase fat-loss and optimize your workout experience.

To maximize their effectiveness for you, take them during your workouts and between meals when you’re hungry.

3. Ideal Lean Pre-Workout

Ideal Lean Pre-Workout is great just before your workout; it gives you the lift you need to finish your gym session!

We recommend you take it half-an-hour before exercising.

Start with half a scoop to assess your tolerance, then increase it when you’re sure that it works for you.

4. IdealLean Fat Burner

IdealLean Fat BurnerOur Nutritionists advise you take this great fat burner twice daily.

Once in the morning and once in the afternoon is all you need to help you get rid of that pesky fat.

Does IdealLean work?

As many IdealLean Reviews show, it not only works; it does wonders for your weight loss.

Most protein shakes available either taste terrible or contains imbalanced protein levels.

IdealLean contains optimal levels of protein.

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According to extensive research by Dr Moore, 20 to 25g of protein is ideal for anabolic resistance training.

The participants involved in his study had increased levels of albumin after taking this amount of protein, which enabled them to complete resistance training successfully.

Ideal Lean comprises 100% Whey Isolate, the purest form of protein.

One of the worst fears about taking protein shakes is that they contain empty calories and cause weight gain, instead of weight loss.

Ideal Lean shakes are the real deal; they don’t contain empty calories that will fill you up instead of slim you down.

This unique formula only has 80 calories, far fewer than other weight loss and management drinks.

Ideal Fit’s products come out on top regarding taste.

It scored high marks for taste and texture. This shake is an enormous boon for women.

Perhaps its standout factor is that it has no weight-increasing carbohydrates or fats at all.

Its special recovery blend of L-Glutamine, Blueberry, Acai Berries and Mangosteen make it truly extraordinary.

L-Glutamine is the most important component of muscle protein; it helps repair tears in cell walls.

Potent Acai Berries and Blueberries have antioxidants, also known to aid cell repair.
Mangosteen, now wildly popular in the health food industry, has anti-inflammatory effects.

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Ideal Lean Ingredients

Ingredient Benefit
Whey Protein IsolateProcessed to remove all the fat and lactose
IdealFit Recovery Blend (L-Glutamine, Acai, Mangosteen, Blueberry)L-Glutamine may help increase lean muscle mass.
Acai berries contain antioxidants, fiber and heart-healthy fats.
Mangosteen helps repairs cells and anti-aging qualities.
Blueberries helps lower the total amount of cholesterol in the blood and decrease the risk of heart disease
Sodium ChlorideAbsorbs and transports nutrients. Maintain the right balance of fluid.
SucraloseNo calorie sweetener
Calcium CarbonatePromotes healthy bones, muscles, nervous system, and heart
Chromax® (Chromium PicolimnateHelps regulate blood sugar
Folic AcidHelps your body produce and maintain new cells, and also helps prevent changes to DNA that may lead to cancer.
Natural & Artificial FlavoringBalance of flavor

How Does Ideal Lean Compare With Other Protein Powders?

The weight loss results that IdealLean brings you are proven.

Before you place your order, compare it below with other competing protein shakes on the market.

1. Ideal Lean vs. NLA For Her Whey

Ideal Lean trumps NLA because it has higher protein content.

NLA’s folic acid content stands at only 25%, while Ideal Lean’s is 50%.

NLA has only 50% of Vitamin D, compared with Ideal Lean, which has 100%.

Pregnant mothers, who need folic acid for fetal development, should choose to drink Ideal Fit.

Women who wish to strengthen their bones will find Ideal Lean a better choice.

2. Cytosport Muscle Milk Light

CytoSport may not be ideal for weight loss and management, especially if taken in excess.

It has 25g calories from fat, unlike Ideal Fit’s products, which have all their calories from protein.

If you want to try protein shakes for weight loss, you may want to turn to Ideal Lean. It will deliver the weight loss results you’re after.

3. FitMiss Delight

If you’re considering a protein shake, you may want to give FitMiss Delight a miss. It only has 16g of protein per serving.

Ideal Lean trumps this, with 20g of protein per serving. Obviously, IdealLean comes out on top.

FitMiss Delight has 1.5mg of fat, while Ideal Lean has no fat at all.

Ideal Lean is the weight loss shake that will work best for you.

4. Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard

Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard has 24g protein, a higher amount than Ideal Lean.

It also has 10% cholesterol, while Ideal Lean has none. If weight loss is your target, Ideal Lean is the shake to take.

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5. PEScience Select

PEScience Select is not the protein powder to take for weight loss. It has 1.5g of fat.

Ideal Lean, with zero grams of fat, will help you reach your weight loss goals sooner.

Prescience Select also has 15% cholesterol, which isn’t acceptable if you wish to drop pounds.

6. Jym

Ideal Lean trounces Jym as a weight loss product.

Jym has a significant 150 calories, while IdealLean has only 80, and they all come from protein.

It also has 10mg of cholesterol, while Ideal Lean protein has none.

Making a choice between either of these products for weight loss is a no-brainer.

7. Syntha-6

Syntha-6 is an excellent protein powder, but may not complement the female physique.

It has 2g of Saturated Fat, while Ideal Lean has no fat at all.

It has a whopping 190 calories, twice the amount Ideal Lean powders have.

You would use Syntha-6 only if you’re looking to bulk up.

8. Universal Nutrition Animal Whey

A name like Animal Whey tells you that this product has some fat in it.

It has 9 grams of calories from fat, while all the calories in Ideal Lean come from protein.

It also has an additional 30mg of cholesterol, while Ideal Lean has an insignificant 2.2 mg.

There are no prizes for guessing which product works better for weight loss and building lean muscle.

IdealLean Caffeine

Potential Ideal Lean Side Effects

Reducing calories quickly may have side-effects on the body.

Always consult your Doctor about recommended doses before taking Ideal Lean Shakes.

Low-calorie diets typically make you fatigued, but Ideal Lean counters this effect.

Best taken before and after workout sessions, they give, rather than zap energy.

A diet low in calories can lead to constipation or, in the extreme, diarrhea.

Potent Ideal Lean shakes battle the effects of bowel irritation because of their high fiber content.

Low-calorie diets can cause anemia, but Ideal Lean, with a high potassium content, improves your blood circulation.

Further, there is a standing argument that low-calorie diets lead to a loss of muscle mass, but Ideal Lean, high in amino acids, nurtures muscle development.

Another argument against low-calorie diets is that they cause electrolyte imbalances.

Power-packed Ideal Lean, with optimal nutrients, restores their balance.

How Ideal Lean Has Helped Women Everywhere

If an Ideal Lean review is isn’t convincing, hear what thousands of previously overweight women have to say about it.

Female Fitness Trainers, Models, Gym Rats, Olympic Lifters, Volleyball players and MotoCross athletes all love this blend for being made for the female body and for giving their stamina a lift.

They love it for the convenience it brings and you will too.

MotoCross athlete Brittney finds that it helps her strength on the motorbike.

Emily, a Gym Rat, finds it delicious and easy to mix on the go. It’s exactly what she needs after a workout

Kylie, a volleyball player, fitness coach and former D1 athlete, loves this fat-burning drink for helping her to stay lean without adding a bunch of calories.

This product is so potent that even Olympic Lifters endorse it.

Whitney, one such lifter, and a coach, has discovered its long-lasting benefits for nutrition. The pure Whey Isolate is what she needs to build muscle.

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IdealFit Challenge

Few other weight loss products come with so many free resources and programs.

Ideal Fit has a group of experienced female Fitness Trainers and Athletes that will show you the way.

If you’re ready to push yourself and see results fast, join Trainer Lindsey’s 15 Day Fit Body Challenge.

Lindsey knows how to teach you to eat properly and exercise to get results.

Join her Free 15 Day Fit Body Challenge and get ready to be amazed at what you can do in just 15 days!

Do you want the confidence of a Fit Model?

Ideal Fit’s Karina Elle shows you how to start burning fat and getting toned, in just 15 Days.

Join the Ideal Fit 15 Day Fit Model Fitness Challenge, and you’ll be on your way within two short weeks.

Ideal Lean is your partner for life. Grab a shake, and you’ll have experienced female Health and Fitness experts accompanying you on your weight loss journey, the whole way.

The IdealLean Guarantee


Ideal Lean knows that it has hit upon the answer to many women’s weight loss prayers.

IdealShape, makers of the Ideal Lean range, are so confident of this product that they’re willing to guarantee its effectiveness for a whole year.

If you’re not satisfied with it for any reason, just return it for 100% money back.

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Where To Buy IdealLean

You have nothing to lose but your weight if you try this.

Get it from the main site at

As a commitment to constant improvement, Ideal Lean gives you a wide range of great-tasting flavors to choose from: Chocolate Brownie, French Vanilla, Mint Chocolate, Caramel Mocha, Chocolate Coconut, Pina Colada, Cake Batter, Strawberries N Cream and Peaches N Cream.

Order it today, and you can enjoy a whopping 30% off their fantastic range of flavors.

At present, Ideal Shape doesn’t sell IdealLean in stores.

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Buy IdealLean Today

Ordering Ideal Lean today means that you’re giving yourself the physical edge you deserve.

You’ll no longer look at yourself in the mirror and pull a long face.

Take the bold step you need to reshape your body and your life.

This protein miracle is the powder you need to make a difference in your weight loss journey!


ideallean protein

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