Ideal Shape Reviews

When I first decided I wanted to lose some weight, I was totally overwhelmed by all the information and options out there.

I’ve written this IdealShape Review to help you decide whether this can product can help you too.

Not only are there countless diet and exercise programs available, but the endless supply of weight loss shakes and pills made me wonder if I’d ever be able to find the right one.

Maybe you can relate to the feeling of “analysis paralysis” that goes with trying to pick a weight loss method.

You go round and round, wondering which product will help you drop the pounds – and then keep them off.

Soon enough you’ve spent months looking at all the options and your thighs are as chubby as ever.

Well-meaning friends suggest just eating less… I don’t know about you, but skipping meals and eating tiny portions just drives me crazy.

I was starving all the time and had horrible cravings – and often ended up bingeing on everything in sight after a day or two.

I was desperate. I had to find a solution.

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I started searching for a meal replacement that would cut out all the junk and give me all the nutrients I needed, make me feel satisfied and help me start dropping all this fat.

After months of trying just about every shake and bar money can buy, I finally found one that worked for me… IdealShape. (See The Best Price Here)

What is Ideal Shape?

IdealShape where to buyThe Ideal Shape meal replacement shake is so easy to whip up, and leaves you feeling really satisfied.

All my cravings dropped right away after a couple of days of starting with this shake, which meant that I started dropping weight a few days after that.

I think the reason this meal replacement drink worked so well for me was that it’s full of vitamins, minerals and protein that had been missing from my diet for a long time – and were the root of my craving problem.

Ideal Shape shakes also left me fulling full and satisfied after having them, instead of the ‘barely-touched-the-edges’ feeling I used to have after other shakes.

Lots of other shakes are loaded up with sugar and carbohydrates that spike your energy and then make you crash soon after, making cravings and hunger hard to manage.

They often do more harm than good, as you end up stuffing yourself with food to ‘make up’ for the feeling of having missed a meal.

You already know how frustrating this binge-restrict cycle is, and that you never seem to lose the weight that way.

Well, the best thing about using this protein shake to lose weight is that it not only tastes great, it also leaves you feeling full.

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Ideal Shape Nutrition Facts and Ingredients
Ideal Shape Nutrition FactsHere are the main ingredients of the IdealShape meal replacement shake (and why they work so well for weight loss):

Whey Protein

Each serving of this low carb meal replacement shake contains 11 grams of whey protein, which helps you to feel full, build lean muscle so you look toned, and reduces junk food cravings.

Vitamins & Minerals

IdealShape contains 19 different essential vitamins and minerals that will support brain function, and make your hair, skin, and nails look their best. All the “superstar” nutrients such as Vitamins A, C and D are found in abundance in every serving, in much more useful quantities than those in most other so called healthy meal replacement shakes.

To make sure you’re also feeling your best while losing weight, IdealShape also contains several essential minerals such as calcium, copper, magnesium and zinc, which all promote bone, muscle and nerve health.


IdealShape contains a patented ingredient called Slendesta, which has been clinically proven to control binge eating and junk food cravings.

Slendesta is an all-natural potato protein extract, which means that you won’t be consuming any dangerous synthetic substances to help curb your appetite for junk foods.

When you buy Ideal Shape, you know you’ll be getting all the key nutrients you need to get the weight loss results you want so much.

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Digestive Enzymes

One area of nutrition and its impact on weight loss is often overlooked – digestion.

Without a healthy digestive system, your body won’t be to use the important nutrients in your food.

When you can’t use the nutrients, your body goes into starvation mode and spikes your cravings in an attempt to meet its nutritional needs.

Idealshape meal replacement contains digestive enzymes that help your digestive system absorb all the nutrients it needs, reducing your cravings and insatiable hunger.

I found that this gave me consistent energy and helped me feel satisfied and full – with no cravings to haunt me in the next couple of hours.

What I Didn’t Like About IdealShape…

While this isn’t a big complaint, there was one thing that put me off a bit when I first tried it. It has a slightly weird aftertaste.

I’m pretty sensitive to flavors and smells so I really noticed this. Since I’m a total “chocoholic”, I chose the chocolate flavor, so I don’t know whether or not the vanilla flavor has the same issue.

I went online to see if other people had this aftertaste problem, and a few reviews mentioned that the instructions say you should follow the shake with a glass of water.

I decided to give this a try, and what do you know – problem solved.

Now that I always have some water after my shake, I really don’t notice any aftertaste any more.

So if you’re fussy with flavors like me, make sure you have some water after your shake!

What I Liked About IdealShape…

Ideal Shape ShakeAs I mentioned above, I chose the chocolate flavor.

And you better believe it’s delicious! In my honest opinion, I’ve tried many chocolate flavors available but this one is the best tasting meal replacement shake out there!

I always felt full and satisfied after drinking a shake, so much so that I didn’t think about eating again until at least three or four hours later.

Even then I was full enough to make it to my next meal without snacking.

My energy levels got a nice boost too – I used to have huge energy crashes in the afternoons and since I started Idealshape shake, my energy has gotten nice and consistent.

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Where to Buy Ideal Shape

I’m generally a bit skeptical about buying anything online.

IdealShape is available on Amazon, but I think the best way to buy the Ideal Shape meal replacement shake is to go straight to the source.

It’s easiest just to visit the official website.

I’ve had absolutely no problems buying all my Ideal Shape shakes directly from their online store.

It’s really simple to use and they get it delivered to you just as fast as Amazon would.

One of the biggest benefits from getting it direct from the Ideal Shape website is the fact that you can try it virtually risk-free.

Ideal Shake offers you a 30-day 100% money back guarantee on your purchase, minus the shipping.

If you don’t like the diet shakes, they will refund your money within 30 days, no questions asked.

It’s pretty rare to find a food company that’s willing to stand behind its products like this.

Most companies seem to hide behind complicated “legalese” in order to avoid any real accountability for their products, so the products transparency is reassuring.

If you’re ready to take control of your weight and start seeing real results, get a risk-free sample of Ideal Shape today.

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I wish I’d found this shake before I wasted my time and money on other shakes – this was the only one that made any real difference to my weight.

Don’t waste any more time wondering which shake will work for you.

Order your risk-free Ideal Shape shakes today to start changing your body for good!

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Your Game Plan for Shedding Pounds

  • Flavor
  • Value for money
  • Great for shake recipes
  • Hunger stopper
  • Weight loss benefits

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