The Best Organic Meal Replacement Shakes

Do you want to go vegan and enjoy the best organic meal replacement shakes?

Is extra weight dragging you down? You need the best organic meal replacement shakes. Most people are clueless about where to start with meal replacement shakes. So here’s some advice on their benefits, and on choosing them as well. We also have on hand a comprehensive list of best vegan meal replacement shakes that we’d like to introduce to you.

Benefits of Organic Products

The term ‘organic’ refers to produce grown without the use of pesticides. Farmers grow vegetables without using sludge or petroleum-based fertilizers. Also, they rear livestock without turning to bioengineering to enhance their sizes.

Furthermore, farmers do not modify the genetics of vegetables to make them more resistant to pests.

So what are their benefits? Organic foods don’t contain harmful pesticides. They are also fresher because they don’t contain preservatives.

Also, organic farming is better for the environment. Besides reducing pollution, it saves water, soil erosion, and boosts soil fertility.

The best organic meal replacement shakes have more nutrients than regular ones. These include Omega-3 Fatty Acids, which are about 50% higher in organic meat and fish.

How to Choose The Best Organic or The Best Vegan Meal Replacement Shakes

Good health and well-being are crucial, so it isn’t surprising that meal replacement shakes are the rage. With so many of them available, how is a dieter supposed to choose natural meal replacement shakes?

First of all, read the nutrition labels. Think about what the shake contains. The best organic meal replacement shakes will have no genetically modified ingredients. They will also have enough vitamins and minerals to satisfy your nutritional needs for the day. The shake you choose should have small amounts of simple sugars and only a tiny bit of fat. It should have enough protein for weight loss or lean muscle building.

The Best Organic Meal Replacement Shakes of 2017

best vegan meal replacement shakes

Organic meal replacements are healthy and easy on the tongue. We introduce you to one of these wonder drinks.

7. Garden of Life Meal

First of all is Garden of Life Raw Organic Meal, a winning formula for vegan dieters. This must-have solution for weight watchers provides nutrition on the go.

This vegan’s delight has 44 different superfoods, including fruits, veggies, and fiber. It’s one of the best drinks to take for building lean muscle and boosting energy. Besides having 21 different minerals, this vanilla powder is smooth on the palate.

The best thing about it is that it’s organic and gluten-free. It’s also non-GMO, with no preservatives.

6. Lyfefuel

Also on this list is Lyfefuel, another incredible natural shake that will satisfy your weight loss needs. With greens and superfood antioxidants, this wonder food supplies most of your body’s nutrients. You’ll love it because it contains over 30 essential vitamins and minerals. With 18g of plant protein, this product will put you in the pink of health.

Men and women can take it on the go. It also contains a blend of probiotics that guarantee a healthy gut.

5. Orgain

If you want a dessert treat without the calories, Orgain is the shake to try.

This fabulous powder contains about 2 pounds of creamy chocolate fudge powder.

With 21g of vegetable protein, 5g of fiber and only 3g of carbs, it’s a way of keeping fit as you enjoy your dessert.

4. Amazing Meal

This product describes itself. Amazing Meal is a fabulous blend with 11g of plant protein.

If you have problems with digestion, give this shake a try. It has 11 life-giving probiotics.

It’s perishable because it’s not genetically modified, but it’s much fresher as well.

3. Garden of Life Raw Protein and Greens

If you are a pea or bean lover, this is the best organic meal replacement shake for you. The nutritious raw protein and greens shake from Garden of Life contain plant protein from peas and legumes.

It’s ideal as a post-workout recovery drink and is a green superfood. Try this shake if you want to keep your gut healthy. It has the healthy probiotics you need.

2. Vega One

Another excellent organic shake that we want on our list is Vega One. This plant-based protein powder contains whole food ingredients.

A winning formula, it offers you 50% of the daily recommended intake of vegetables, like broccoli and kale. A quarter of this fine powder is fiber. Another piece of good news is that it isn’t genetically modified, so rest assured that there aren’t any harmful chemicals in it.

1.Ideal Raw

IdealRaw Organic Meal Replacement ShakesAt the top of the Best Meal Replacement Shakes Guide list is Ideal Raw, by the prolific creators of the Ideal Shape and Ideal Fit shakes.

This wonder powder is by far one of the most wholesome organic shakes on the market.
First of all, Ideal Raw is one of the ‘cleanest’ natural products available.

It will give life to your body the way nature would, and has no artificial ingredients.

For more, see our Ideal Raw review here.

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IdealRaw Protein Shake

This shake’s a winner for you if you’re a vegan. It’s perfect if you’re lactose intolerant because it’s dairy free. Also, this shake is a must-have if you’re watching your carbs because it has no Gluten. It is safe because the creators sweetened it naturally. And  It has no harmful chemicals.

Perhaps its best benefits are that it’s real, natural product. Because it’s one of the best organic meal replacement shakes, it has received certification from the USDA. It doesn’t contain genetically modified ingredients. With organic rice, pea, coconut, and chia, it’s a complete meal on the go and will keep you in the pink of health.

In all, well-chosen organic shakes will set you on the right path to health and wellness.